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Telecom Solutions & Services

At ICS, we strive to provide end to end solutions to our customers; thus, in- depth telecom services expertise was acquired, and a wide range of Telecom services became readily available to our clients, including:

- Solution Engineering
- Planning
- Spectrum Analysis
- Installation of New Telecom Equipment
- Commissioning and Integration
- Live Telecom Equipment Swap
- Testing
- Drive testing
- Optimization
RF Services:

From site acquisition, renovation and construction, to RF and infrastructure equipment supply, installation and commissioning, managed services and FLM, drives tests and facility optimization, and SWAP activities, our team of professionals is engaged in providing full turn-key telecom site infrastructure services, in addition to fiber optics networks deployment, data center, core site and Media Gateway (MGW) deployment. We strive to meet every need of the telecom industry by providing comprehensive telecom services.
ICS offers several RF Solutions applicable to Defense, Telecom, Public Safety, Transport & Logistics. Industry, OIL & GAS and other verticals. Such solutions include:

- RF Design and Implementation services.
- RF Antennas
- Cell Enhancer
- Testing

ICS having design, implementation and post implementation capabilities. ICS have implemented a huge TETRA, DTRS, VHF/UHF handsets and vehicle mounted sets Kingdom wide for Ministry of Defense, government bodies as an EPC contractor and are implementing.

Infrastructure Services:

We are keen to provide our clients with full turnkey solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. Hence, in addition to our wide range of products, we provide a bunch of end-to-end services:

Consultancy / Network Audit Services

ICS offers complete consultancy services for telecom infrastructures. Detailed corrective actions and specifications are proposed to secure and immune respectively the existing or new infrastructures, while conforming to the international and local applicable standards.
Covering the entire infrastructure needs of any network, our consultancy services provide recommendations on:

- Towers
- Shelters
- Outdoor Cabinets
- Cooling Components
- Batteries
- AC & DC Power Systems
- Grounding Networks
- Electrical Components and Protection
- Site Construction
Network Deployment and Construction Services

Our team of experts covers all what it takes for network deployment and construction:

- Acquisition
- Design
- Construction Drawing Production
- Procurement of Equipment
- Warehousing
- Civil Construction Works
- Tower Erection
- Main Power Utility Provision
- Grounding and Electrical Installation
- DC & AC Power System Installation &Commissioning
- Air Condition Installation &Commissioning
- Site Security
- Installation of RF Antenna System
- Testing of Antenna Systems (VSWR)
- Installation and Commissioning of MW Links (PDH & SDH)
- As-built Document Production
- Support and Warranty
Sites Transformation or Renovation

ICS provides a tailored full turnkey solution for each of its clients in an aim to reduce operational costs related to site maintenance, power consumption, site rental, etc.
We assertively manufacture and provide outdoor cabinets dimensioned according to each client’s needs, with an existing indoor BTS installed inside, thus granting the opportunity to avoid purchasing expensive Outdoor BTS’s or of warehousing dismantled indoor BTS’s.

Fiber Optic Services

Whether for FTTX projects or transmission projects, we offer a wide range of services that include:

- Design
- Construction Drawing Production
- Right of Way Negotiation
- Procurement of Equipment
- Civil Services
- Trenching / Micro trenching
- Ducting / Micro ducting
- MH/HH Supply and Installation
- Backfilling
- Paving
- Mole Ploughing
- Testing
- Cabling Services
- Cable Laying Manual or Blowing
- Splicing
- Termination on Patch Panels
- Testing
- As-built Document Production
- Support and Warranty